Gamer 2009

GAMER (2009)

Synopsis: A new type of nanotechnology allows internet gamers to take control of volunteer “victims” that have parts of their brain converted to receive remote commands. Two new games develop out of this – one that feeds sinful desires of the flesh and one that pits convicted death row prisoners against impossible combat scenarios.

John Tillman, better known as Kable, is one such prisoners.

Kable has survived multiple levels of combat and is closing in on the promised freedom of surviving a very unlikely 30 sessions.

The inventor of the games and the nanotechnology, Ken Castle, seems determined to stop Kable/John from accomplishing his 30 levels to freedom and we soon get flashbacks that hint there is more to the relation of John and Castle.

Review: Although it is shot with an epileptic seizure-inducing frenetic camera and editing, the actual premise is not entirely unfamiliar to most of us – and suffice it to say that there are many homage scenes to Blade Runner.

The tones of the movie also are tinged by the previous year’s Death Race (2008).

Ken Castle is pure evil and a real cock – but in a very real way that many people are cocks when distanced by the safety of their monitor, CPU and internet connection.

In fact, many of the characters in this movie display a lot of online characteristics you might find on any assorted social network. Some ply for more fame and notoriety, while others just like to tweak with shit – but all of them are obsessed with a narcissistic energy and desire to see shit just to see shit.

But as mind-hurting as the edits are in this (and believe me, no matter how fucking fast your eye is from gaming, this movie’s edits and camera work will put a hurt on your brain), there are some nagging nuances that lingered with me after watching it.

Maybe that is because I work and sometimes socialize online on a regular basis.

I can’t say that this movie is as great as Blade Runner for me, but I can actually say that there is more to this movie than I feel was originally given credit to it. A lot more.

I plan on watching it again and who knows, it may become a cult favorite – with me being the only cult member.

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