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 Post subject: The Rules
PostPosted: Tue Jan 26, 2010 1:54 am 
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Under development.

These are the forum rules. There aren't very many, so follow them or get bitch slapped:

1) THIS IS BY FAR THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE: If you post stuff that's not appropriate to be looked at in a work environment you MUST append NSFW to your post topic. We love to post all sorts of graphic stuff here, and there's nothing wrong with that, but the last thing we want to do is get people in trouble for looking at it in an "official" environment.

2) Animated avatars are allowed but generally frowned upon unless they're exceptionally funny. Don't use one unless it's really, really good.

3) Images are forbidden in signatures.

4) DON'T BE A DOUCHE. This is a no holds barred forum with a more or less anything-goes attitude. But sometimes people go over the line. How will you know if you're over the line? You'll know.

5) Swearing is NOT disallowed here. Swear like a sailor. It's fun! For the most part people here won't give a shit if you use harsh language, and if they do, fuck 'em. Buncha assholes anyway, right? But remember rule 4 and don't just be a douche for the sake of being a douche.

6) Spam is not allowed. If you want to promote your site, movie, book, podcast or whatever, we have a special sub-forum for that called I Made That. Use it. But if you're a spammer, you'll be banned.

7) On the topic of banning: it is HIGHLY unlikely that anyone except spammers will ever get banned here. Bannings are lame. You're going to have to try really, really, really, really hard to get banned here if that's your intent. I'm not saying it won't ever happen, but it's literally the last thing I want to have to do.

8) never Never NEVER post another member's personal information without that member's consent. If you do, you'll get warned the first time and suspended the second time.

9) In regard to warnings and suspensions, they're stupid and they generate animosity between members and mods. I don't intend to use them except in the most extreme of situations. See rule 8.

10) Spoiler tags. Don't ruin stuff for people. Use spoiler tags when you're talking about relevant plot points for new movies and DVDs. If it's not new, don't bother. We all know that it's a sled at this point.

Please feel free to discuss these rules in the Comments and Suggestions part of the board. They're a work in progress and your feedback will be very valuable as we move forward.

Everybody loves you when you're six foot in the ground. - John Lennon

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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